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Beach Hut Babes FREE - Addictive Guessing Game

4.4 ( 3664 ratings )
Spel Simulering Strategi
Utvecklare: Melting Pot Games

Do you like scramble games? If you like to test your memory, play this game now and enjoy the hot babe as she enters into a summer beach hut. While she undressed the huts will scramble up, but can you remember which one she was in.

Just like in any trivia games, once you pop the correct guess then you will get a good score. You need both the character and skill to think fast since the scrambling happens in a rush.

Enjoy you wildest dreams of whether the hot babe inside is topless or completely nude, just make sure your presumption is correct. Pop the correct hut for you to discover if she is really naked.

“Nice game! This is such a perfect game for my bachelor friend. I love it myself.” - Martin

This game is like a quiz to answer the question, ‘which hut did the hot babe enter?’

Best features of the game are as follows:
• The game boosts your logic and memory skills
• The game is user friendly
• Score is fair based on how you guess and presumed correctly

Play this scramble game now. Enjoy and guess which hut did the hot babe enters to see her topless...Download NOW!!!